Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ill Typist and Welcome Back

I would like to start by wishing Yeu All a berry Habby San Jacinto Day and all so fur my Aggie friends, a berry safe and meaning full Muster.
I haff been absent fur sum few what feel like berry many days on a counta The Typist hass been quiet ill. She hass not did many doings. She hass not fought many foughts. And she hass not said many sayings, though the sayings she hass said, she hass said ober and ober. And all so ober a gain but I digress...

Welcome back!

When I last left Yeu, I habbs juss showed Yeu my mannerly Trolley Day Celebration. And all so, my cookies.

And now here is all most ebbery single fing what I habbs been doing since that wonder full day:

Teusday was Skool Day!

The Mom The Typist The Trainer did naught feel good naught one bit at all, but she know how much I lubbs it and she buck up and take me there.
It wass a pretty good night, but it hass been a pretty bad week so I can naught remember much a bout it. I do know I jumped some jumps when the Trainer said "Over" and den I ran straight teu her which is what she wanted me teu deu. *takes bow*

Then we went home and fings started going all wrong and by next day fings had gone VERY ALL WRONG. The Typist was FURRY ILL, bed (this one) ridden, and I had be come a nurse.

Here is how I did it. It's a king bed and Yeu are lookin at teu furds of it. Uh huh, I napped wif her. I all so maid rounds and guarded the perry menter.

Wif the regyeularity...

I check kitchen counters. I watch the stuff out the front window. I check kleenex bocks then waist bass kits then baff reum counters then...  I fump blinds on the back door. I stare at the Mom. I sigh. I sigh. And I SIGH.

I all so deu odder stuff teu but these is the main fings what I deu.

Then one day, off the deaf bed The Mom The Typist a rise and she gibbs me a rocket.

I played and played and played wif it and then I finally ett it and come back to the big bed to be the nurse.
I gave it my all.

Yes yes fur all of Yeu Wheu deu the maff and all so the gee ahh my tree... I deu tend teu take my haff outta the middle.


The Typist is feeling a good bit better teu day, but I am fear full that she hass oberly done fings. Whee habbs had men here cutting up a big chunk ob our ash tree what fell in the street in yesterday's storms. Whee hass all so warshed and dried all the beddings and put it all back teu gether a gain.

It is few fings fur the me but it is berry many fings for the Typist. Now she is peuped and here is me hoping she gets back up teu deu more stuff teu morrow!

Fank Yeu for coming back to my little blog. Welcome Back!!!


  1. I was beginning teu think weu had run away and joined the cirkhus!

    Poor The Mom BUT with weu as an attentive kharetaker she khan't help but get better!

    Paws khrossed!


  2. oh reuf why the last pictures made me think of "you are sexy and you know it" LOL??? you cute thing keep taking care of the mom

  3. I hope the typist is feeling better! We have to make sure of these things some times...!

  4. Hoe the typist is fully recovered soon. We missed you. May we suggest that you add food tasting to your routine. NEVER let a sick person eat anything that you do not also taste, just to make sure it is good for them

    gussie n teka
    (we got that reutine down!)

  5. oops, that should have been "HOPE the typist..."

    Must've gotten a crumb under a key!

  6. Oh, Reufus, we are so sorry to hear that your Typist was so sick. We hope she is much better, tell her to take it slow and easy getting back in the swing of things. You can tell how much she loves you to take you to class when she felt so lousy AND to get so many wonderful pics of her special boy.

    Have a much better week this week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. You are new to me Lil'Reufus and it sounds to me like you have this whole deal nicely figured out. I am hoping for the Mom to be 110 per cent again and able to do all what needs doing. I am sorry that the Bleu was lost to to Bridge, he was a nice boy. But thats all I remember of reading your other blog.

    I am signed up for you and will not miss anymore Goldie Boy blogs.

    Your pal, Stella

  8. So sorry to hear your the Mom was sick. We hope she is really on the mend now. Love seeing so many cute pics of you. Glad you are taking your nursing seriously.

    Tucker and Daisy

  9. So sorry The Mom has been ill, that is no fun. We know what a wonderful nurse, watchmen and overall caretaker you are.
    We are sure The Mom appreciates it very much.
    Be sure to tell The Mom not to try and do too much too soon. Keep an eye on those cookies, they sure do look good, maybe we can meet you by the back door and have a "Cookie Party" bol

    Hamish & Sophie

  10. Dearest The Reufus, I was wondering where you were and came to check. I am so very sorry that The Mom aka The Typist has been so ill. Thank goodness she has you to watch over her. My friend has been really sick too and I took her to the urgent care place on Saturday and now I'm feeling a bit sick myself. Something really must be going around everywhere. Please tell The Mom to take it easy and to get well really soon. Being sick is definitely not a good thing so you look after her please! I know that having you there is a great thing for The Mom and I hope she is all better quick!!! Lots of love and get well wishes and hugs to both of you!

  11. Sending White Dog Get Better Energies to The Mom and woos of pride to you for the great job you are doing holding down the fort. Hopefully the germie things will flee soon.

  12. Sweet, little man, you certainly have had your paws full taking care of the Typist. We are happy to note that she is 'on the mend' if only slightly. Be gentle with her, honey. Humans take much longer than handsome, young dogs to get back on their feet again even though they only have two to your four☺.