Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Big Stick Fursday

Habby Fursday teu Yeu!

Next to Friday and all so Saturday and Sunday... Fursday is one ob my most fave oritist days ob the week! And ob all the Fursdays in the world, I lubbs this one on a counta it is Teuday!

And what makes Teuday so fun is that
the Mom found for me...
Wait for it...
She frew for me...
Wait for it...

My Big Stick!!!

My big brother, The Angel Bleu Wheu Art In Heaven, taught me the Big Fun of Big Stick Multiplication. Yeu see, Big Boy lubbed he's Big Sticks. And he lubbed he's little sticks even betterer, so he would take a berry Big Stick and break it in teu littler and littler peeses. And then he wood take a Tiny Twig and shake it like it was a berry Big Stick. 

And if you say any fing a bout he's stick, he would say "Thtick, What thtick?"... and the Mom, she would laff and laff. I deu naught know why.

Whell, I deu naught deu the shakin, but I deu lubbs teu bust em up and eat the bark. Good fiber, Yeu know. And so any way, here is the me in ackshun...

Ob course as wif most fings, once I get ecksighted and start really habbin the Big Fun, the Mom take Big Fun a way from little me. She say some fing like "Danger Danger Reufus Wright" and Big Stick went bye bye.

I whill miss that My Big Stick.
Tasty, she was!

If Fursday was this much Big Fun, I whill go teu bed teu night wif Big Dreams for a Funtastick Friday! I whish the same for Yeu!!!


  1. Have a very happy Friday! We love the sticks too, I mean, really, really love them!

  2. Oh man, the best is when you get to jump in the water and swim after a stick, and then devour it on the bank!

  3. Love that last photo, what a tongue, Reuf.

    Tucker and Daisy

  4. Reuf,

    Sticks are some of Hamish and Sophie's favorite things, They love to launch them in the air, and they also love to chew them.
    Your technique is perfect and the German judge would give you a "10" if this was an Olympic event.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up, keep an eye on The Mom, you know how wild she can get on the weekends.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. We gots some really big and thick sticks that we have in the yard. They got covered by snow in the winter but popped up again and they are just as delicious as last fall. We have more than one so anytime you want to drop by for a nibble, let us know and we'll tell our momma to put on a pot of coffee☺.

  6. Reuf, I didn't know you were blogging now! I love seeing what you're up to.

    Kuster's love is tennis balls! He feels just like you do about them. I have a feeling you and he would get along famously!


  7. I, too, like making little sticks out of a big stick but for a different, very mercenary reason. My momma will "trade" with me. If I bring her something (no dust bunnies though) she will "buy" it from me with a treat. So I only get 1 treat for a big stick but if I make it 66 little sticks out on the deck, I have a treasure of things to trade. Have a great Friday...try trading with The Mom!

  8. Hey Reufus! It's so good to meet you! I love sticks, too! I especially love to find a stick, then run in the other direction so my mommy has to chase me to get it back! Teehee! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  9. Reufus, you are a hoot! I hope you find many sticks this weekend


  10. We surely khan't top what Gus pawed!


  11. Hi there bro Reuf!
    We jes LOVE your posts! And, we share your enthusiasm for sticks and bark too (teu!) Have a great weekend, pal - come see us on our trip... it's snowing now in s. Utah - can you believe? And we're not even in the MOUNTAINS!!!
    Sammie and Avalon