Sunday, April 8, 2012

Habby Easter Basket and a Bunny Sheut

Habby Easter teu Yeu!!!

Easter Basket

This mornin I did wake up teu find dat da Bunny had been here and left fur me a Easter Basket!!!
I knew it was fur Me, and I dived right in but then my the Mom made me back off and take the pitchers on a counta the Mom is like that...

I only show Yeu a bout one fourf of the pitchers that sweet woman did take on a counta I spare Yeu... but I show Yeu you lots on a counta me and the Mom are furry proud of my manners!
My the Mom say that I haff come a berry long way wif the imp pulse control, and here is me showin Yeu it.

And then the Mom gibbs me the word and I get teu take me some whiffs!

Then she want a few more pitchers to capcher my other pretty side.

All. Dis. Stuff. Is. Mine. Mine. Mine.
And den I turn slowly to take a nother whiff...

And suddenly the imp is no longer under control and I grab a toof brush chew and run wif it!!! The Mom grabbed the bideo camera and follow me, and then I got all shy... She eventually swap the toofy brush for the alligator, and let the bideo roll... Nom nom nom.

I did et all of the gator. It was tasty. And we did rest be fore the Mom got the bright idea of A Bunny Sheut.

Bunny Sheut

I fink Yeu know how I feel a bout wearin fings on my noggin. I haff no idea why the Mom finks diss be imp portant part of life and holidays and all, so here we go.

Now I must tell Yeu, I was fastinated wif these ears when dey was atop the old woemom's head, but den the bunny turn...


A whinny and a buck and off wif da ears!!!!!

And den out wif da leash. Foiled a gain... Fake smile.

I will not look at Yeu.

I will naught.

O.K. I whill look at Yeu once more. And while diss be more a pant dan a smile, it is sin cere!

I feel real blessed diss my first Easter on a counta I habbs a the Mom wheu will park the trolley in the carage on a Friday ebenin and spend teu solid days wif the me. We has done chores.We has walked. We has had fun. We has wrestled and cuddled. And we has done nuffin.

Fank Yeu fur sharin this special day wif the me. Habby Easter, My Friends!


  1. Unkhle Paul is here -

    I just showed him the pikhs - and asked him how did Khousin Harley get to Heuston!


  2. OH my goodness, those bunny ears are just so adorable! Hope you had a good day!

  3. Reufus,

    Brought us an Easter smile. Love your Bunny Ears, your video and all you Easter gifts.
    And the way you sit and wait your Mom sure be proud of you, we sure are.

    Cousins , Hamish & Sophie

  4. Yeu DO know how cute yeu are, do yeu? I think yeu are usin' that smile and boyish looks of yeurs to their fullest extent!

  5. Glad you had such a nice Easter, Reuf. What a haul. Almost worth wearing the bunny ears.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. Happy Easter, Reuf. Looks like you had quite a fun day.

    Thanks for turning off the word verification.

  7. Love those ears Reuf!!! Looks like the Easter bunny was very, very good to you! Woofs to you from Cody and Daisy (Peeps to you from Chaco, Bella and Otis)!

  8. Reuf - you are the most charmin' boy we ever saw - with da ears or without them. Looks like you made the big score on this Easter day, so a little wearin' o the ears seems small pittance compared to all those unbelievably pawesome goodies you gots - woooeeeeeeh!
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  9. Hey Reufus,

    Great to see you have your own blog!

    You look so cute with your bunny ears and the presents - all yours??? You are one lucky dog and your mom loves you.


  10. Hey Reuf! Looks like a great Easter. And we kinda like the ears. But only on you and at your house.

    gussie n teka