Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom Season

Tis the season fur all doggy foughts to turn to...

And that means that all mommy foughts turn to...
what is my Sweet Son going to wear,
and on a counta that... I share this.

The Wellington's Red Tie
Originally The Wellington's formal wear,
The Mom finks I look furry dapper in red.
do naught roll my eyes do naught roll my eyes do naught...
I whonder if they whill haff bacon on the buffay.
bacon bacon bacon

Plaid Tie
Reufus J Wright, Inter National Play Boy

I fink this fit my play boy personality.
The Mom finks this might not be formal enough.
I hobes there is lots of bbq and all so games.

I whonder if the girls whill squeal
when they find my fake fly in the punch bowl.

The Bleu's Black Tie
Hello, there.

This collar iss a little big on me, but
My Mother finks I am ham sum.

I fink I look a little like a waiter.

May I suggest the fish and chips...

Gee I hobes they habbs fish and chips on the buffay.

Luke's Baby Bleu Tuck See Doe

I am growing weary ob the trying on ob the prom cloves.

But I must say...
I am rocking the tucks!

The Luke whas quite the lady's man.
I am naught.

I am Little Man.
I deu naught dance wif the girls. I deu naught date.
But I deu lubbs to run round and round the dance floors.
I all so eats and eats and eats from the buffay...
wif napkins fur dessert!

I a ttended Doggie Prom 2012 on FaceBook Friday night...
My the Mom dropped me off wif multiple wardrobe changes.
And she circled the block un till my curfew.
10pm I whass home and tucked in teu the big bed!

Habby Prom Season!


  1. Hi Little Reufus!

    You make me laugh harder than anyone else in this whole dog blog world! You are like me having napkins for dessert! lol

    I hoped you wore the red tie because it was very stylin' on you. Did you? Did they have your preferred eats there, bacom, and the other stuff.

    What a social guy you are . . .and a great pal to have.


  2. Reufus,

    The guy that does the DoxEquis "STAY THIRSTY, my friends®
    —The Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials has nothing over you. Mr. Reufus Jackson Wright are "THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD"

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Reufus,
    You are very handsome. I think all the girl doggies will melt when they see you. Would you like to be a ring bearer at my wedding?
    Sally Ann

    1. O Sally Ann, I wood lubbs teu be the ring bearer. Iss the ring ettible? Eaver way, I am yeur The Little Man. Juss saying.

  4. Looking so handsome, Mr. Reuf. I know you don't dance, but the Daisy would have been glad to dance with you.

    Tucker and Daisy

  5. Oh, we don't do Facebook, but your post is a riot, Reufus. You sure do have that eyeroll down pawfectly:) We liked the red Wellington best.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. My precious Little Man, you look so furry handsome no matter what tie you wear and especially coy when you roll your eyes! I hope you got plenty at the buffet and got a doggy bag to bring home☺.

  7. You will grow into the debonair stuff but your wardrobe was perfect and I am sure all of the girls found you charming and fun! Was the buffet worth it?

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  9. Oh, this wasn't part of Khousin Harley's Sekhond Birfday?

    PeeEssWoo: Such a model weu are!