Monday, April 16, 2012

Habby Trolley Day!

One year a go teu day, I met my the Mom fur the berry furst time at a GRRH Meet and Greet. My name whas Zim. It was naught ecksackly lubbs at furst sight, but it WAS berry close teu it! At berry least, it was a power full ttrraction what make us each fink we take each odder fur a whirl.
I knew I habbs her on the hook, on a counta how cood Yeu resist diss face???
Hello. Dat's what I fought.

And so on this berry speshull day in his my story, I boarded the trolley for furst time. I did take a ride a cross town. and I did poke my nose in teu ebber single fing in that trolley. Ate some ob them teu. The Mom say it was a berry long twelf mile ride!

Now in keepin wif the fursts... this be the furst pitcher tooken ob me wif the Mom's camera.

I was shnoofin the Wright Brothers, mostly the Bleu.

Treuf fully, I did naught ecksackly know what was goin down, but I whas not goin teu let any one know that I did naught know on a counta I am Fabulous.

This be the Bleu's reaction to my "little bizzit" that day. I fink if Yeu read his lips, he is sayin... "Seriously. Are Yeu kiddin me? The Mom, yeu are off yeur rocker."

This be me and the Bleu wheu is now Angel in the Heabens.

Puttin our heads to gether ober some nego sheayshuns and all so squirrel shmells.

I habbs the berry short furs one year a go teu day, and I did naught habbs a "skirt" at all.

I fought this whas a interesting playce.

This here be how I got my name ob Little. I haff not grown up much at all since one year a go teu day, but I haff grown out. And fur perspective, I am average size Golden boy...

The Bleu is a berry tall boy. I am pretty sure he play Center on the Heabenly Golden Basketball Team!

The Mom fought I whas like a little tank. I hads the purpose, mass and power.

I miss the Bleu!

I miss millin a bout wif Sweet Boy.
I miss followin the him.

I miss a nnoyin the him wif lubbs ob course.

One year a go teu day, I fink I know ebber single fing about ebber single fing!

And I did and all so I do!

I fink know The World revolve a round me...

It was quite quizzical fur me that these teu peoples... the Mom and the Bleu... hads been libbin the life wifout me and I did naught know how!

I knew right a way that these teu treuly need me.

And this be the Bleu sayin,
"Seriously? Are Yeu kiddin me?"

And this is me sayin...
Yeu need me!

Yeu deu!

I mean, how whill yeu teu ebber eat all this grass wifout me???

Soon they were to find out how many whays I am help full.

I surveyed my territory, and I fought declared... It iss all mine.

It whas said that the Jury whas still out, butt I did naught beleebs it for one single mo ment. Naught eben one. I knew I habbs found my Forebber. I juss mighta needed a coupla weeks to bring the Mom a round to the tREUF.

When the night fall one year a go teu day, I gather wif the Mom teu send emails, update the FB status and helbs the Bleu wif he's blog.

And that is one Tail I miss so berry berry berry much.
Habby Tails to Yeu!
Habby Trolley Day!
Habby Gotcha Day!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Reuf. We know your fabulous self is just what your the mom needs.

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. Happy Trolley Day for sure! Glad that you came into the Mom and the Bleu's lives when you did!

  3. Happy gotcha day! I am so sure you miss the Bleu but I know he is looking down on you and your peeps. Hope you have a great day! Any pressies?!?

  4. Life without Reufus is well like life without Harley ;-)

    Happy Gotcha Day!

    As fur The Bleu - and The Leuke - they are still there - woo know that!

    PeeEssWoo: Your britches are lookin' mighty nice teu!

  5. Refus,

    Happy Gotcha Day !!!! We are so happy for you !!
    We had to pick ourselves off the floor several times after falling off our chairs reading your
    one year anniversary gotcha day Trolley caper.
    You are so lucky to have Rescued "The Mom" and she is one very lucky lady for finding you. We know that The Like & The Bleu's traditions and love for "The Mom" are in Good Paws.
    We will shout if from the Reuf Tops
    "Good BOY REFUS"

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob
    Cousins Hamish & Sophie send "paw bumps"

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Reuf! Just LOVE your bloggie, but we miss posts a lots of times cause we get such intermittent internets (whooof - that was a maw-ful!). You're such a sweetie pie - we love you too!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon