Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skool Day

I love Teusdays cause they are Skool Days!!!

I will be bizzy teu day wif the trainin day routine of restin a little, studyin a lot, super vising the nom nom preparashuns... and askin "is it time yet" a few hunnerd times... so in stead of tellin Yeu ever single fing, I fought I wood tell Yeu a bout my cabin!

My Cabin

I haff a My Cabin what I keep at the Skool. It is for times when I need a rest and all so for learnin that I can go places and cope wif separashuns... like if I was ebber to compete in Rally or Agility. It has been a good skill to know on a counta I can go many more places now wif my other more fold uppable cabin.

This is what My Cabin looks like in my livin reum.

This pitchers was tooken the night my the Mom constructed my cabin. I tried to help, but was seun relegated to my little reum to watch. Once sprung from my little reum, diss is what happened next!

Zeum Zeum and into My Little Reum Cabin!!!

Sniff Sniff Sniff

Snoof Snoof Snoof

Yes. Yes. I deu lubbs My Cabin!!!
Skool Nights

I am all ways peuped after Skool. I dwink teu small bowls of waters in the trolley and then settle in for a fifteen minute nap ride. Naught to worry though, I am amped enuff to rile up the naybores when I get home! I run frew the yard, bump the fences and stir the shrubs. Soon as I have ebber body barkin, I am ready to come in side!

Whish Yeu were here! I wood show Yeu a fun Teusday!


  1. Reuf you're such a busy guy! Cabins are such nice places to escape to, aren't they?

  2. I just love your posts! Love your cabin too and that you tried to help put it together!

  3. Your cabin is so cool! I can just see it in the piney woods. You in your cabin and your the Mom in her tent☺.

  4. Reuf,

    Good luck at skool tonight, we know you will do well. Nice Cabin you have. Do you have a wide screen HD TV with cable? a little frig for your snacks ? We are sure the lights are on a dimmer switch, for mood lighting when you need it.
    We think it needs a name like "Reuf's Man Cave"
    We be looking forward to hearing how things went tonight.

  5. Fur sure on the name!

    Reuf's Man Khave is perfekht!